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Benchmark Dental Group isn’t your average dental care provider. Based out of Woodstock, Georgia, our seasoned experts go above and beyond to give our patients the best dental experience possible day in and day out.

Our team members stay actively involved in the patient treatment cycle from the moment you walk into our dentist office. We know that there is no single “mold” when it comes to dental care, because each individual has their own unique needs and challenges. That is why we spend time getting to know you, targeting your specific goals, and guiding you towards a healthier lifestyle.  

We offer full-service dental and oral care using cutting-edge technology, including:

  • General dentistry

  • Family dentistry

  • Cosmetic dentistry

  • Cosmetic contouring

  • Periodontal therapy

  • Specialty dental services

We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to produce optimal results for each one of our patients. Our customized treatment plans are designed and managed with a high attention to detail to maximize the patient’s benefits.  

"We promise to always treat you with respect, superior care, and with the utmost integrity. Where People Matter the Most!"

Dedicated to the people around us

Benchmark Dental Group is here to serve you, especially when there are obstacles in your way. We know that when dental problems arise, you don’t always have the time or money to prepare for them. That is why we are committed to providing service that is exceptional and affordable. We work with our patients on a case-by-case basis to create a tailored treatment plan that fits their needs. Rest assured knowing that our team will be with you every step of the way to get past speedbumps in the process.

When you invest in a dental care provider, you are also investing in yourself. Making a rushed decision without any evidence of proven results can lead to unforeseen and costly consequences in the future. In our office, you will always be treated by a top-rated care provider in a professional setting. Based on our experience and patient testimonials, you can be confident that your dental care is in good hands.

Everyone in our office is treated like family, from the people we work with to the patients we meet. We are so committed to providing high-quality dental care that we even provide our team members with continuing education. That way, when a new service, software, or technique hits the market, our workforce will be among the first to know about it. 

A Pillar In The community

Benchmark Dental Group is well-known in the Towne Lake region because of the relationships we have cultivated over the years. We make the health and happiness of our patients a top priority because we are firm believers in the treatment we provide. We are confident that treating our patients with respect and compassion will inspire them to live a more positive lifestyle.


Our team members are more than just care providers – they are a support system for the patients we work with. We pride ourselves in being responsive and reliable, no matter how trivial a dental problem may seem. This level of engagement and support has allowed us to establish unparalleled trust with our patients, colleagues, and the community.


We hope you will take this opportunity to learn more about Benchmark Dental Group and the incredible individuals who make our success stories possible. We can’t promise you will achieve your dream smile overnight, but we can guarantee our unwavering commitment during your dental journey. 

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